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Letters to Father Jacob A lean and intensely focused spiritual drama about faith, the dark night of the soul, and the redemptive power of love.
The Nun's Story A top-drawer religious film starring Audrey Hepburn about humility, faith, and obedience; part of the Films of Faith Collection.
The City Dark A compelling documentary on the dire effects of light pollution in cities and the spiritual consequences of not being able to see the starry night sky.
Nightcrawler A gripping drama about a wily hustler who finds success as a freelance photographer of night-time car crashes and violent crimes.
The Dark Knight Rises A formidable examination of the roles of superheroes in our society and the importance of purpose in life.
Downton Abbey: Season 2 World War I, the Spanish flu, and more challenges as the characters in the popular series experience their various dark nights of the soul.
All These Sleepless Nights A documentary drama of the night-time quests for pleasure via booze and drugs of a twenty-something pair in Warsaw, Poland.
Vitalina Varela A haunting meditation on loss and regret.
Movies about Dystopias Movies about dystopias that reflect the fears and excesses of contemporary societies.