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Parent as Mystic, Mystic as Parent David Spangler on the importance of love in family life.
Hunting for Hope Scott Russell Sanders on family expressions of love that train us for community.
Nurturing the Soul of Your Family Renee Peterson Trudeau on why parenting is intense spiritual work.
Fathering the Next Generation Explores the inner work being done to bring changes to this responsibility.
Busy But Balanced Mimi Doe's ideas for spreading love among the children you know.
My Monastery Is a Minivan A splendid job conveying the riches of everyday spirituality as experienced by a middle-aged mother with four kids.
Wind Bell Explanations of many important Buddhist practices by contemporary teachers.
Raising Interfaith Children On creating a home where hospitality to many faiths is practiced on a daily basis.
Spiritual Seeds for a Family Garden A parent shares spiritual practices and rituals to be done in the family.
Parent as Mystic, Mystic as Parent A testament to the importance of discovering the sacred in the midst of family life.