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American Chaos Interviews with Trump supporters in the 2016 Presidential campaign that prove passion beats pragmatism.
Musical Chairs An endearing romantic drama about a creative young Puerto Rican with a passion for dance.
The Walk A daring film about the passion, the gratitude, and the beauty of an amazing stunt.
Chicken People A delightful documentary about three show chicken breeders whose enthusiasm is wonderful to behold.
Beloved Sisters An alluring performance by Hanna Herzsprung as a passionate, creative, and accomplished woman who is used to getting what she wants.
Being in the World A bright and thought-provoking examination of philosophy and the authenticity of those who have passionately immersed themselves in life.
Sidewalk Traffic Involving story of a couple struggling to survive and keep their priorities straight.
The Man Who Knew Infinity A heartening drama about a slow-blooming friendship between two brilliant mathematicians.
Augustine A psychological thriller that explores fresh territory in its depiction of sexual politics.
The Incredible Burt Wonderstone A rollicking comedy with three zany performances by Steve Carrell, Jim Carrey, and Alan Arkin