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Patience Builders Wisdom about allowing things to unfold in their own time.
Practicing Spirituality through Creativity Quotes and practices to give your inner artist room to play.
Practicing Spirituality with Jews Quotes and practices that reinforce this tradition's emphasis on the sacredness of everyday life.
The Cry of the Prophet An opportunity to explore the prophets' call to a visionary fullness of life.
Practicing Spirituality with Friends An exploration of the recurring challenges and enduring rewards of friendship.
Practicing Spirituality with Sufis An awesome compendium of wisdom, both practical and profound, from the mystical expression of Islam.
Wisdom for Advent and Christmas Quotes to assure our hearts during the Christian holy days.
Rumi - Living a Spiritual Life Commentaries and audio meditations revealing the universal spiritual teaching in Rumi's unforgettable metaphors.
The Wisdom of the Desert Fathers and Mothers Wisdom from people of God who lived out a spirituality that still resonates strongly for us today.