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Observe and Report A spiritual exercise for the heart that offers us a chance to look for the good in a socially awkward, bigoted, violent, and loathsome individual.
The Guard An impressive performance by Brendan Gleeson as an eccentric, independent and surly cop in a small Irish seaside town.
Police, Adjective A slow-paced, philosophical, and thought-provoking Romanian film about a cop with a conscience.
Heat A powerful and compelling drama about two similar men on the opposite sides of the law who find themselves on a collision course.
The Nile Hilton Incident An anatomy of a Cairo crime investigation clouded by corruption.
Love Is the Perfect Crime A mesmerizing psychological thriller set in the majestic Swiss Alps.
Inside Man An extraordinary movie about power, amorality, ethics, and urban living, by director Spike Lee at the height of his talent.
Les Miserables A gut punching interrogation of police misconduct and mob justice.
Man from Reno An evocative film noir set in San Francisco and a nearby small town.
Presumed Guilty A bold documentary about the corruption, ineptitude, and power of Mexico's justice system.