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Noble The true story of charity founder Christina Noble's empathy in action.
Lassie An exquisitely filmed drama about the collie with a huge heart and a quest that proves her love for her favorite human companion.
Mammoth A drama focused on the universal desire of both the rich and the poor for a loving connection with their children and obstacles which hinder that intimacy.
Sin Nombre A moving portrait of the arduous journey taken by poverty-stricken people from Central America through Mexico with their sights set on the United States.
After the Wedding A substantive film about an idealistic Danish aid worker who is forced to stretch his own capacities for love and compassion.
What Sun Has Seen Three individuals struggle against staggering odds to fulfill their dreams in a big Silesian city.
The Italian Gritty Russian movie about a plucky and adventuresome orphan who sets out to find his birth mother.
Bobby A poignant and heart-rending drama about the hopes, dreams, anger and righteous indignation of those who saw in Robert Kennedy a catalyst for justice, change, and peace in America.
Cavite Story of a young Filipino-American who returns to the Philippines and becomes the pawn of Muslim terrorist with a malevolent plan for him to execute.
Sangre De Mi Sangre (Blood of My Blood) A gritty and poignant Mexican drama about the search for family.