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Birthday of St. Teresa of Calcutta In honor of the servant of Calcutta, practice peace, silence, joy, kindness, and compassion.
Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe Annual feast day to mark the appearance of the Virgin Mary in 1531 and her significance to the poor of the world.
Charles Birch in Life Abundant The rich must live more simply
The Voiceless Ones A prayer for those who are voiceless in a world that crushes them.
Mother Maria Skobtsova Honoring this Orthodox nun who modeled a life of hospitality and service to others.
The Spiritual Practice of Generosity What spiritual teachers of our times and earlier say about the value of generosity.
Service A daily prayer of the co-workers of Mother Teresa of Calcutta.
Teacher of Love A story of love told by Mother Teresa.
Sharing Food Provides ideas and suggestions for being kind with our leftover food and sharing it with others.
Ramon Lull quoted in God Hunger Tell us, Lover! Do you possess riches?