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Dead Man Walking Discussion Guide to the movie based on Sister Helen Prejean's book about her ministry to a murderer on Death Row.
The Executioner's Song An adaptation of Norman Mailer's Pulitzer Prize winning "true-life" novel of murderer Gary Gilmore.
Beauty and the Beast A morally uplifting reinterpretation of the classic 18th century fairy tale about the transforming power of love.
The Forgiven A drama about the restorative justice and forgiveness work of Archbishop Desmond Tutu and South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
The Woman Who Left An intense morality tale about the resilience of a good-hearted woman.
A Prophet (Un Prophete) A gritty and tough depiction of a young petty criminal's introduction to the ways of the world while serving a six-year prison sentence.
The Visitor A touching and impressive film that depicts the way a professor's closed-off heart is opened by music, friendship, and love.
Hothouse A rare and poignant glimpse of the anger and zeal that fuels the lives of Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails.
The Mustang Uplifting story about how a wild mustang becomes a spiritual teacher to an emotionally shut-down man.
Herman's House A compelling and enlightening documentary about the important role creativity can play in the pursuit of justice and in the spread of compassion.