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Patagonia Rising A documentary that makes a good case against the building of five large dams in Chile designed to make a profit for European investors.
Manufactured Landscapes An extraordinary documentary that helps us understand the full sweep and implications of the "Made in China" label.
Fire Will Come (O Que Arde) A mesmerizing film set in Spain in which trees play a major role.
From Up on Poppy Hill A lovely Japanese hand-drawn animated film with a female heroine.
Surviving Progress A thought-provoking documentary on the major crises of our times brought on by an uncritical acceptance of the idea of progress.
Khadak An unusual film set in Mongolia which contrasts the spiritual vitalities of shamanism with the dehumanizing rigors of industrial capitalism.
The American Buffalo A two-part, four-hour series on the journey of the American buffalo.
American Meat A hopeful and enlightening documentary on the baby steps being taken to offer alternatives to big industry farming.
Love Thy Nature An innovative and soul-stirring documentary for Earth Day.
Ardor Magical story about a man who emerges from a river to look after a farmer's daughter, the rainforest, and a stunning jaguar.