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The House of Secrets A description of the water immersion purification ritual and prayers of Jewish women.
Finding Our Sacred Center Henri Nouwen's journal for a three-day pilgrimage to Lourdes.
Sweat Your Prayers Gabrielle Roth on making an offering by sweating as prayer.
The Little Book of Christian Mysticism A profound little book with nuggets of wisdom from Christian mystics across the centuries.
Speaking with Nature Llyn Roberts on prayer tree ceremonies in various cultures.
A Taste of Silence A solid introduction to Centering Prayer, lectio divina, and the contemplative path.
Introduction to Sufism A useful overview of the people, the practices, the history, and the durability of Sufism.
The House of Secrets Explores the many meanings of mikveh, the Jewish ritual of purification for women.
Muhammad Michael Muhammad Knight writes about what jihad really means.