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The Rising Place Salutes an interracial friendship between two Southern women and the ways in which enthusiasm can be a life-saving gift in tough times.
Cry, the Beloved Country An eloquent and moving screen interpretation of Alan Paton's classic 1948 novel set in South Africa dealing with the transforming power of forgiveness.
Mississippi Masala Challenges us to add more respect and tolerance to America's cultural stew of many colors.
Racism in America A collection of films dealing with racism in America and the courageous people who have stood against it.
Focus Based on Arthur Miller's first novel, is a vivid portrait of anti-Semitism in Brooklyn during World War II.
The Adventures of Huck Finn Stars Elijah Wood as Mark Twain's irrepressible youngster.
In My Country A bold drama set in South Africa that salutes forgiveness and restorative justice as alternatives to revenge and the continuing cycle of violence.
William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice Boasts a sterling performance by Lynn Collins as an enchanting Portia who makes the most of her beauty and her brains.
Q & A An unsettling film about the racial bigotry which permeates every facet of urban living.
Fort Apache, The Bronx A portrait of the men in blue as neither Galahads nor roughnecks but as ordinary human beings who try to cope in a pressure-cooker.