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No Enemy to Conquer Michael Henderson on forgiveness as a key element in the creation of a more peaceful and better world.
Jean Vanier Jean Vanier (in a book edited by Carolyn Whitney-Brown) on the principles underlying forgiveness.
The Way of the Small Michael Gellert on why the greatest act of humility is forgiveness.
A Mindful Way Jeanie Seward-Magee's adaptation of Thich Nhat Hanh's Beginning Again ritual used at Plum Village to establish harmony and reconciliation within the community.
Encountering "The Other" Proclaims openness and reconciliation as paths to peace in a world of diversity and many differences.
The Ascent of the Mountain of God A tool kit for encounters with the Divine and challenges for Christian faith.
Triumph of the Heart Reflections on some questions about forgiveness, including is it a one-time thing and does it require reconciliation?
Brother Roger of Taize An anthology of writings from the founder and prior of the Taize community in Franc
Benedictine Living Inspiring meditations and questions to open the heart, mind, and soul.
Healing Breath Ruben L. F. Habito on a genuinely integral and healing spirituality.