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Four Feet, Two Sandals A touching and edifying account of the friendship forged between two young girls in a refugee camp in Pakistan
This Flowing Toward Me A sensitive and engaging memoir of a sister who has spent 25 years working with refugees and international immigrants.
The Revolutionary Life of Freda Bedi A biographer's account of what drew her to her subject, Freda Bedi.
Freedom Journeys Arthur Waskow and Phyllis Berman on why openness to boundary crossers in our time is the right thing to do.
Poet's Choice An invaluable resource on poetry that enchants and enlightens.
Lilah Tov Good Night A beautifully illustrated bedtime tale that doubles as a poignant refugee story.
Why Am I Here? A compelling case for empathy as a bridge that can draw people together.
Howard Thurman Howard Thurman on Christmas and spiritual practice of justice.
The Honey Jar The comfort of stars and memories amid the arduous flight of a refugee family.
Arrival City A massively researched and well-written book about the challenges faced by those who have moved from rural villages to arrival cities around the world.