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Last Resort An unusual story about knowing when it is time to change your life, told through the experiences of a Russian mother who is stranded in England at a camp for political refugees.
Lamerica A mersmerizing film that will soften your heart towards the plight of refugees all over the world.
The Swimmers True story of two sisters who flee war-torn Syria and as refugees use their swimming skills to help and inspire others.
The Good Postman A documentary that exposes bigotry, fear, and anger as toxic forces in a dying village in Bulgaria.
La Sirga A Columbian drama about the fear that hangs like a dark cloud over a young female refugee who seeks a new life in the High Andes with her uncle.
The Crossing An absorbing documentary about a band of Syrian refugees and their perilous journey to Italy and from there to new beginnings.
District 9 A bold and creative science fiction adventure that shows the dire consequences of hating strangers and ignoring the practice of hospitality.
Breaking and Entering A thought-provoking and ethically charged film that greatly expands our moral understanding of the act of stealing.
Otomo A riveting German film about the plight of a West African immigrant in Stuttgart, which draws our attention to the dehumanized treatment of refugees in Germany and elsewhere resulting from widespread …
Viceroy's House A richly developed historical drama about the partitioning of India.