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Celtic Joy Melodic inspiration Christmas songs exquisitely performed.
The Illustrated Jesus Through the Centuries A survey of different ways that successive cultures have appropriated the man from Nazareth for their own times.
Mark Tobey's Broadway A lively and luminous painting that is a tribute to New York City.
Lindisfarne, Mizrah, Tibetan Buddhist Mandala Three 1,000-piece puzzles in Pomegranate's Artpiece series that each has a spiritual theme.
Meeting God An absolutely stunning and illuminating book that captures Hindu belief and practice.
The Icon Reborn A subversive book that challenges us to see the Divine within, around us, and behind the faces of others.
The New Testament Through 100 Masterpieces of Art Visual treats for those who savor the link between religion and art.
Falling Toward Grace Essays on the vitality of the sacred in an urban setting.
Liturgy and the Arts A good primer on a salutary alliance that far too often is underemphasized in Christian circles.
The Faces of Jesus Poetic and profound meditations on the many faces of Jesus.