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A New Religious America A watershed work mapping the changes in the soulscape of this nation, the challenges stemming from diversity, and the usefulness of the activities of the interfaith movement.
The Concise Oxford Dictionary of World Religions A must-have volume for anyone on a spiritual path.
How To Be a Perfect Stranger Examples of how to practice hospitality among 17 religious groups in pluralistic America.
Huston Smith 19 pieces on world religion written between 1957 and 1989.
A Dome of Many Colors An erudite collection of essays.
The Illustrated Book of Sacred Scriptures Presents common understandings of the world's religions.
We Walk the Path Together Lifts up and celebrates the common ideas and spiritual practices of the contemporary Zen master and the medieval Christian mystic.
Five Voices, Five Faiths Offers an example of the value of hospitality in interfaith adventures.
God Is Near Makes a solid and substantive case for the presence of the Holy One as a spur to loving and serving others.
Religious Change in America A scholarly work reporting on the stability that has characterized Protestant and Catholic belief and practice from 1940 to 1985.