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Charter for Compassion Resources for the November 2009 launch of the Charter for Compassion.
World Interfaith Harmony Week Ways to observe this annual event with activities, a reading list, and a DVD recommendation.
Birthday of Swami Vivekananda A day to celebrate the Indian spiritual teacher with ten spiritual practices consistent with his thought.
Dancing Insights and suggestions for using dance as a way to activate the living waters within us and making dance a spiritual practice.
How to Find Your Spiritual Rx Definition of a spiritual rx, a prescription of spiritual practices based upon symptoms presenting in your life.
Inter-Religious Festival A call for you and your congregation to express hospitality for others.
I Vow Today His Holiness the Dalai Lama's advice to take a vow of peace.
Body Work A compelling and imaginative work calling us to take seriously the Divine Presence within our bodies.
The Spiritual Practice of Hospitality Readings and practices in tune with the broad trend toward religous tolerance in the United States.
Thomas Keating in Divine Therapy & Addiction It's worthwhile to question our motives, even for noble acts.