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Christmas Four readings for Christmas Day by Howard Thurman about hope, Madonna and Child, and the challenge of carrying on the work of this religious holiday.
The Celtic Spirit Caitlin Matthews on joyfully greeting May Day.
Seasons of Celebration Thomas Merton on the meaning of Ash Wednesday.
Please forgive me Please forgive me
The Easter Mysteries Delves into some of the spiritual meanings of the Lenten season.
The Meaning Is in the Waiting Paula Gooder on pregnancy as a model of active and nurturing waiting, which is also characteristic of the season of Advent and hope.
The Liturgical Year Joan Chittister on the personal meaning of Holy Saturday as a time for dealing with darkness and growing hope.
Let Us Break Bread Together A Passover seder designed to be used by Christians.
Ash Wednesday Two ways to observe the beginning of Lent, from creative Christian writer Ed Hays.
Spiritually Literate Holiday Gifts Examples of gifts that have meanings attached to them and reflect spiritual practices from the Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy.
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