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Ash Wednesday Two ways to observe the beginning of Lent, from creative Christian writer Ed Hays.
Beltane - May Day May Day celebrates the start of the bright half of the year. One of four main festivals of Celtic spirituality, it's a time to make merry.
Circle of Grace A blessing for Advent by Jan Richardson.
Eternal Seasons A fine collection that keys excerpts from his spiritual teacher's writings to the themes of the church year.
The Liturgical Year Presents the liturgical year as a spiritual adventure filled with dramatic events, dynamic characters, and vibrant emotions.
Tracks in the Straw God enters the world as a great mystery.
St. Patrick's Day Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a prayer, a green spirit, and joy in your heart.
Calmly Plotting the Resurrection Edifying views on parables, gardening, servanthood and agape.
The Celtic Book of Days A fine resource on Celtic seasons, holidays, and lore.
Common Prayers Harvey Cox on his interfaith marriage rituals creating hospitality to all religions.