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Circle of Grace A blessing for Advent by Jan Richardson.
Eternal Seasons A fine collection that keys excerpts from his spiritual teacher's writings to the themes of the church year.
The Liturgical Year Presents the liturgical year as a spiritual adventure filled with dramatic events, dynamic characters, and vibrant emotions.
Calmly Plotting the Resurrection Edifying views on parables, gardening, servanthood and agape.
Tracks in the Straw God enters the world as a great mystery.
The Celtic Book of Days A fine resource on Celtic seasons, holidays, and lore.
Common Prayers Harvey Cox on his interfaith marriage rituals creating hospitality to all religions.
Circle of Grace Blessings to use during the unfolding of the Christian church year.
Jesus, Companion in My Suffering Loving others with our broken-open hearts.
Celtic Blessings Three coloring books that will draw out your wonder and devotion.