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The Language of Life Joy Harjo's poem "Remember."
Sovereign Self A reminder that this world is an enchanted show.
The Book of Character Abd-al-Khaliq Ghudjuvani on devotion in a book edited by Camille Adams Helminski.
Sins of the Spirit, Blessings of the Flesh Matthew Fox on making work a devotional act.
An Ignatian Book of Days A reflection on lingering and remembering.
Karl Rahner A prayer for the gift of love and for a day of recollection.
In the House of Remembering A poem by Rumi followed by reflections about presence and love.
Outside In A warm, evocative reminder — essential during the pandemic — that we belong to the outdoors no matter where we are.
Sufism and the Way of Blame A scholarly overview of a movement within Sufism that aims to address egoism and help individuals become real human beings.
Restoring Life's Missing Pieces Spiritual exercises for revisiting people, places, things, and self as a process of personal transformation.