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Rami Shapiro in Minyan Hospitality is essential to spiritual practice
Margaret Mead in How We Behave at the Feast Always remember that you are absolutely unique
Start a Tradition With a Friend Little remembrances that define what we are to each other.
Macrina Wiederkehr in Gold in Your Memories There's a whole world of memories
Long-term Gratitude Remembering those who have helped you in different moments of your life.
Sharon Daloz Parks quoted in Plain Living God is in the prepositions
Abraham Joshua Heschel in The Jewish Lights Spirituality Handbook We must continue to remind ourselves
The Small Ruby Suggestions for being in touch with our inner sacredness and living a life of heartfulness.
Guillermo in Simply Living There is always enough
The Thirteenth Dalai Lama in Gems of Wisdom from the Seventh Dalai Lama We can be good to someone a hundred times