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Kenneth Verity in Breathing with the Mind Springing back
Using a Reward System Advice to give ourselves resilience.
Anniversary of Apollo 13 Moon Mission (PDP) A space mission intended to be a lunar landing that became a test of courage.
Sharing Kindness An exercise to help re-wire our brains by cultivating positive emotions.
I'm Here I'm Not Here A way to develop equanimity by playing with being and nonbeing.
A Swirl and a Whirl A teaching story about making oneself like the water to be without conflict.
Expressing Loving-Kindness Even for Unlovable Parts A neuroplasticity practice to cultivate self-acceptance and resilience.
Remembering Inner Resiliency A meditation with a stone to help you regard yourself with love and compassion.
Daily Good A daily practice for enthusiasm, resilience, and optimism.
Finding the Gift in the Mistake Counsel on finding what went right when you think things have gone wrong.