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What You Will See Inside a Catholic Church Michael Keane's comments on "the oils of gladness" used to celebrate devotional sacraments in the Catholic Church.
Jesus Was a Migrant Deirdre Cornell on the communion line at church as a migration.
Eco-Spirituality A blend of ecology and spirituality for personal and societal transformation.
Money as Sacrament Adele Azar-Rucquoi with valuable spiritual practices to try related to money.
At the Corner of East and Now Provides a colorful, insightful, and invigorating overview of Eastern Orthodoxy in one American congregation.
Reading the Bible Again for the First Time Marcus J. Borg on three metaphors for Christians' relationship to scripture.
Silence An incisive examination of the spiritual practice of silence.
Common Sense Spirituality Essays covering 30 years in the development of Brother David's mystical, everyday spirituality based on the practices of gratitude, faith, and hope.
Seeds of Faith Celebrates everyday spiritual practices that Christians can do on their faith journey.
A Spiritual Life An anthology of 24 writers musing on the spiritual life.