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War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning Chris Hedges's description on how war mirrors love.
Wounds into Wisdom How our myths define our values.
The Banyan Deer An inspiring and touching parable about courage, compassion, nonviolence and a change of heart.
Dorothy Day An introduction to the many sides and views of Dorothy Day.
We Are the Weather Why the human race needs to stop eating so many animal products to save its first home.
Angel in Beijing A luscious exploration of the streets of Beijing through the eyes of a little girl searching for her kitty.
Consider the Birds Creative sparks of insight about birds and their symbolic meanings.
Soul-Centered Reflections on what it means to sacrifice something to counter laziness and increase awe and wonder.
Why We Live in Community A faith-infused and grace-animated vision of community from a Christian perspective.
Balancing Heaven and Earth An extraordinary memoir recounting the paths taken on the author's spiritual journey through life.