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Shooting Fish A fast-paced English comedy that sparkles thanks to the performance of Kate Beckinsale,
Dear God In its own light-hearted way, makes a good case for the spiritual benefits of service.
Operation Dumbo Drop An endearing message about the value of keeping one's word and the camaraderie that can grow out of doing something good during a very bad war.
Phenomenon A deeply satisfying movie that celebrates the bounties and the mysteries of the human spirit.
Waking the Dead Stirs the heart and stretches the soul with its unique blend of love and politics.
A Place in the World A soulful Argentinian film about making a difference by doing good.
Sister Helen A compassionate story of a tough Catholic nun working with addicts in the South Bronx who has let their suffering touch her heart.
Amelie An immensely entertaining French film about an imaginative young woman who has a wonderful capacity for doing acts of kindness.
Rescuers: Stories of Courage -- Two Women Stories of Christians who risked their lives in order to assist Jews being persecuted by the Nazis during World War II.
Excerpts from the Screenplay for Of Gods and Men by Etienne Comar Excerpts from the screenplay of this feature film revealing the thinking of two of the monks in a monastery in Algeria who chose to continue their mission of service in the face of certain death by te…