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When the Oracles Speak A wise and practical work that will enable you to make proper use of this sacred art.
D.I.Y. Magic A comprehensive and playful overview of inspiring creativity with magic.
Ten Poems to Open Your Heart Wislawa Szymborska's poem "Love at First Sight."
The Secret Language of Signs Challenges us to practice this ancient craft.
The Complete Encyclicals, Bulls, and Apostolic Exhortations Pope Francis on some meanings of desertification for today's Christians.
Mercury Retrograde A very helpful work on how to go with the flow and make the most of this three-times-a-year astrological event.
City Magick Urban adventures from the perspective of a Wiccan practitioner.
How to Read Signs and Omens in Everyday Life 75 practical exercises for discerning meaning in the world.
Books on Everyday Spirituality A collection of our favorite books about making your daily activities into spiritual practices.