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Conversations with God A powerful and deeply moving chronicle of the spiritual struggle with slavery and racism.
Why Animal Suffering Matters Andrew Linzey with the justifications that defenders of animal suffering put forward.
The Arrogance of Faith Astute questions about the relationship between slaves transplanted from Africa and the Christianity preached to them.
The Soul of America with Jacob Needleman The Soul of America with Jacob Needleman challenges us to ponder the spiritual meanings of our nation and its founding principles.
Great Muslims of the West Honoring unacknowledged African Muslims who were forced into slavery on the plantations of the Americas, West Indies and Europe.
1619 1619 as a challenging year in Jamestown
American Dialogue A fascinating exploration, cast as a dialogue between past and present, on key issues of American life.
Real World Faith Facing white privilege and empire head-on.
The Source of Self-Regard Wise observations on contemporary American life and the history that created it.
The Arrogance of Faith Insights into American churches' fundamental bigotry.