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Vazante Brazilian drama about a misogynistic slave owner and those suffering under his control.
The Journey of August King A heart-affecting drama about the spiritual potency of freedom and the redemptive power of love.
Trade A scary, poignant, and unforgettable film that elicits our outrage and compassion as it puts faces on the victims of the international trade in sex slaves.
The Price of Sugar A portrait of a courageous Spanish Catholic priest in the Dominican Republic with a ministry of compassion to poor, enslaved Haitian immigrants.
Harriet A moving biopicture of Harriet Tubman as a courageous and charismatic freedom fighter.
Africa's Great Civilizations A six-part series tracing the very long history of humans in Africa.
Bill Moyers: Amazing Grace A documentary with performances of the popular hymn and comments by Bill Moyers and many others about the reasons for its continuing impact.
Free State of Jones A Southern farmer and believer in armed rebellion raises a small army and becomes a formidable freedom fighter.
Tricked: The Documentary A hard-hitting documentary exposing the cruel underworld of sex trafficking of teenage girls.
The Neutral Ground An account of what the arguments around the removal of Confederate statues in the South reveal about racism in the U.S. today.