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Life is little things Life is little things
A Punctuation Exercise You have probably noticed when attending a spiritual workshop that the leader often starts with an exercise encouraging you to do some kind of self-assessment. This helps you focus on your intention…
Timeless Prayers for Peace Christian prayers from around the world that can be used in worship, small groups, or in private.
Values & Visions Circles - Types of Circles Why we chose a circle model used for Values & Visions Circles for soulmaking, plus profiles of intimate circles, intentional circles, and open-call circles.
Values & Visions Circles - Things to Consider Things to keep in mind when planning a Values & Visions Circle: reasons to join, being intentional, people types, commitment, expenses, logistics, distractions, time.
Values & Visions Circles A Soulmaking Process Resources for Values & Visions Circles: spiritual practices, a 4-step soulmaking process, guidelines for circle conversations, James Hillman on conversation.
Starting a Values & Visions Circle Values & Visions Circles are groups of people who come together regularly to use movies, books, and spoken-word audios as catalysts for soulmaking. Here's how to start one.
Re-creating a Life A format for telling and listening to life stories.
Book Clubs as Transfusion Centers In an article in The New York Times, writer James Atlas points out that there are about 5 million Americans participating in some kind of book club. They meet in living rooms, in local libraries, in…
Quotations on Conversation Views on the importance of face-to-face conversations for individuals, groups, and societies.