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The Rooster's Egg A multidimensional look at the meanspiritedness that is afoot in American culture today.
Hyperlinked Life A probe of the wonders and pitfalls of our digital domain.
We'd Rather Shock Ourselves than Quietly Sit Alone Talk to people today about being alone and many of us will admit that it is a very unsettling experience. Given a few unstructured moments, we fill it up with texting others, posting to our social m…
Selfies An introduction to the wide-ranging impact and potential meanings of the rise of the selfie phenomenon.
The Heart Machine A thought-provoking psychodrama about the misuses of technology in affairs of the heart.
Terms of Service A few of the ways social media companies are trying to change our world.
The Art of Immersion Frank Rose on how social media is powered by empathy.
Next Door Democracy When I first moved to Berkeley, California, almost three years ago, someone told me about the NextDoor app. I signed up right away and soon discovered that it is a great way to connect with your nei…
Non-Fiction A dramedy about all the ways digital technology is shaking the book publishing world to its core.
Disarmed by Social Media Societies depend on dialogue to function well. These days social media allows us to talk more than ever, but often that means declaring our opinions: talking "at" instead of "to" others. This approa…