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Celebrating Time Alone Affirms being on your own as a chance to nurture the best that is within you.
Simply Merton Linus Mundy on how Thomas Merton discovered how silence and solitude are essential for serious prayer and meditation.
The Language of Silence Provides an illuminating overview of this spiritual practice.
Letters from the Desert A modern spiritual classic about a Catholic mystic who united contemplation with his zeal to serve the poor and the downtrodden.
The Art of Intuition Sophy Burnham on intuition needing the spurs of silence and solitude.
Technology & Spirituality Stephen K. Spyker on the impact the information revolution has on our lives and spiritual communities.
Thirty Days Revolves around the author's attempts to deepen his relationship with God.
Learning to Love These journals reveal Merton's poetic eye and mystic spirit.
Following the Ecstasy A laser-sharp profile of the Trappist monk's struggle with the spiritual discipline of solitude.
The Sayings of the Desert Fathers Classic Christian text filled with ethical injunctions, parables and folk wisdom.