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The Alchemist A discussion guide to Paulo Coelho's internationally popular fable about a spiritual quest.
Jane Eyre A convincing and mesmerizing interpretation of this literary classic by Charlotte Bronte.
The Client A lively screen translation of another legal drama by John Grisham.
Six Degrees of Separation A thought-provoking screenplay, tart comic energy, firecracker surprises and a spiritually vibrant finale.
A Price Above Rubies A beguiling drama about the yearning we all have to fulfill our heart's desire.
Made in Heaven A sparkling movie about love and romantic yearning directed by Alan Rudolph.
Values & Visions Circles - Tips for Using Movies for Soulmaking How to turn the intensely focused experience of film-going or DVD-viewing into a spiritual journey for your soul.
Safe A haunting film about the havoc wrought on our immune systems by daily exposure to toxins and the spiritual starvation of many well-to-do people.
Heart and Souls A delightful fantasy romp that compels us to consider what one action it would take to make our lives complete.
The Age of Innocence A sumptuous and poignant screen interpretation of Edith Wharton's nineteenth century novel.