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Doorkeeper of the Heart Charles Upton on surrender through a poem by Rabi'a on devotion to God.
Being Well When We're Ill Marva J. Dawn's prayer for those suffering from illness.
Eastern Wisdom for Western Minds Victor M. Parachin's two passages on forgiveness: as a relief of bitterness and a practice of peace.
The Prayer Chest August Gold and Joel Fotinos with a story about prayers being answered when we listen.
Kama Sutra Deepak Chopra on the necessity of unattachment and surrender to experience love.
The Dance Oriah on what it means to live and move gracefully.
Faith and Will Julia Cameron's affirmation that there is a divine plan for our life and God is constantly acting on our behalf (grace).
Ten Poems to Change Your Life Rumi's poem on grace and beauty.
Muhammad Sarah Conover on surrender to dependence on God as one of the key elements of Islam.
Sacred Jewels of Yoga Swami Vivekananda on standing aside and letting God work.