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Dwellings Linda Hogan on finding hope in an unlikely place.
Untangling the Mind Theodore George on the importance of admitting responsibility and listening within to changing behavior.
Surviving Survival A timely book on survivors and their quests to return to the land of the living after close encounters with trauma.
Dear Heart, Come Home A teaching story about keeping our hope alive.
Facing the Wave Gretel Ehrlich on seeing the lonely beauty in the wreckage caused by the tsumani in Japan.
Here Come the Humpbacks! A children's picture book that marvels at the mysteries of these magnificent creatures.
Two Little Birds An edifying book about the challenges faced by two little plucky and resilient birds on their first migration journey.
Survival Lessons Lessons on choosing what matters most as a spiritual practice during illness.
Unsolaced Spiritual lessons from the ice-adapted people of Greenland.
Internationalism or Extinction A dire assessment of the threat of annihilation.