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Films about 9/11 Feature films and documentaries about the day and its aftermath, reviewed from a spiritual perspective.
Traitor A thriller with many insights into terrorism and the agencies committed to stem the tide of violence.
Excerpts from the Screenplay for Of Gods and Men by Etienne Comar Excerpts from the screenplay of this feature film revealing the thinking of two of the monks in a monastery in Algeria who chose to continue their mission of service in the face of certain death by te…
Salt An impressive action-thriller that pulls out all the stops.
Day Night Day Night Follows an earnest young suicide bomber on her mission to Times Square.
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol One of the best Mission Impossible flicks with several adrenaline- pumping action sequences.
The Baader Meinhof Complex A fragmented but fascinating glimpse of the famous German terrorist group and their violent legacy.
Iron Man A superhero flick with the message that an arms dealer can see the light and give up the business of making a profit on the death of others.
Angels and Demons A thinking person's thriller with fascinating twists and turns, insights into Vatican politics, and questions about the relationship of religion and science.
A Mighty Heart A fast-paced and compassionate look at all the complicated forces surrounding the attempt to rescue kidnapped reporter Danny Pearl in Pakistan in 2002.