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Circular Therapeutics Hillary Keeney and Bradford Keeney on letting the heart sing.
Handbook of Psychotherapy and Religious Diversity Reasons why mental health professionals should develop competency in the world's religions and spiritual traditions.
The Way of Rest Jeff Foster on the art of listening.
The Listening Life The state of listening in our society and why we need to get better at it.
Anxiety An overview of the mind games of anxiety and the treatments of it.
Belonging Here A well-written guide to working with spiritually sensitive people.
Soul Phil Cousineau on describing soul traits and finding meaning.
Circular Therapeutics Presentation of a new heart-based style of therapy using creativity, improvisation and play.
Spiritually Oriented Psychotherapy for Trauma An examination of the intersections of faith and psychotherapy.
Constructive Living A life path that eschews remedial therapy and emphasizes instead positive self-development through attention and skillful actions.