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The Rite A supernatural thriller with Anthony Hopkins as a seasoned exorcist introducing a young priest to mysteries of not knowing.
The King's Speech An enthralling and heart-stirring biodrama about an unusual friendship that transforms the life and soul of King George VI of England.
Yalom's Cure A thought-provocative biodrama about a psychotherapist's quest for freedom, meaning, and creativity.
Don't Be Nice A documentary that reveals the power of poetry to speak truth to power.
The Miseducation of Cameron Post A sensitive exploration of sexuality, spirituality, and self-determination.
The Stopover A look into the emotional fireworks that emerge when a band of stressed out soldiers from Afghanistan arrive for some R & R in Cyprus.
The Meddler The story of a widow's self-transformation through generosity, kindness, and letting go.
Look at Us Now, Mother! An insightful documentary about the director's disturbing, painful, and conflicted relationship with her mother.
Web Junkie A timely and thought-provoking documentary about efforts in China to deprogram teenagers addicted to Internet gaming.
Olive Kitteridge A caustic, angry and disappointed married woman challenges us to appreciate difficult people in our lives, seeing them as spiritual teachers.