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The Rite A supernatural thriller with Anthony Hopkins as a seasoned exorcist introducing a young priest to mysteries of not knowing.
The King's Speech An enthralling and heart-stirring biodrama about an unusual friendship that transforms the life and soul of King George VI of England.
Someone, Somewhere (Deux moi) An enchanting French romantic drama about synchronicity.
Yalom's Cure A thought-provocative biodrama about a psychotherapist's quest for freedom, meaning, and creativity.
Don't Be Nice A documentary that reveals the power of poetry to speak truth to power.
The Miseducation of Cameron Post A sensitive exploration of sexuality, spirituality, and self-determination.
The Stopover A look into the emotional fireworks that emerge when a band of stressed out soldiers from Afghanistan arrive for some R & R in Cyprus.
The Meddler The story of a widow's self-transformation through generosity, kindness, and letting go.
Look at Us Now, Mother! An insightful documentary about the director's disturbing, painful, and conflicted relationship with her mother.
Web Junkie A timely and thought-provoking documentary about efforts in China to deprogram teenagers addicted to Internet gaming.