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Cars Honks its horn for the rewards and satisfactions of community versus the emptiness of selfishness and the culture's focus on winning and fame.
The Red Violin A spiritually rich and musically sublime drama about the soulful dimensions of beauty.
An Interview with Doris Dorrie The director talks about her documentary on Zen master and master chef Edward Brown.
California Typewriter An entertaining documentary about people who love typewriters.
The Sound of Silence A creative exploration of the interactions between humans and the sounds of the things around them.
A Space Program A whimsical documentary on a performance art/sculpture about sending two women astronauts to Mars.
Life's a Breeze A terrific Irish dramedy about clutter, family solidarity, and an 80-year-old woman's response to a major gift she is given.
Finch Two examples of life lessons taught by an engineer to a robot.
Le Quattro Volte A quiet, meditative, and spiritual Italian film about the transmigration of the soul.
The Song of Sparrows An Iranian gem which shows great compassion and respect for human beings and their failings.