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Forever Young Probes the anguish of not being able to share the experiences of one's life with the person that we love.
Seasons of the Soul: Holistic Teachings on the Jewish Holiday Cycle Profound teachings on nature, Jewish history, and spiritual growth conveyed by compelling lectures, Colorado landscapes, and beautiful music.
Kate and Leopold A time-travel romantic comedy with a charming and memorable character who impresses all with his kindness and civility.
The Paper A drama set at a newspaper that depicts the ways in which busyness, speed, and constant pressure violate souls in the workplace.
The Navigator An astonishingly effective New Zealand film about dreams, death, community, and the mystical dimensions of the human heart.
In the White City A very literary foreign film about alienation, self-discovery, and time.
Russian Ark A splendiferous tour of that nation's cultural treasures.
Men in Black III A character-driven story that resurrects this entertaining franchise.
Memento A puzzle thriller about a man with amnesia, turns out to be an intriguing probe of identity, loss, mental instability, mystery, and trust.
12 Monkeys A weird meditation on time and apocalyptic possibilities.