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Punctuality Grounds for timeliness as an act of courtesy.
Prayer of Attention A request for grace and mindfulness of how we spend our money and time.
Holly W. Whitcomb in Feasting with God There is absolutely no need to run after time
Practice for Spiritual Growth Jeremy Langford's practice of solitude for a devotional life.
Making Space A simple practice for making space -- whether in a drawer or our schedule -- and the value of a weekly Sabbath of uncluttered time.
Dealing with Hurry Sickness People these days seems to be addicted to speed, hurrying through every activity. Here are spiritual practices to help you slow down.
Thank You, God An expression of faith, trust, and gratitude.
A Denizen of Time A call to live deeply in time in all its richness.
Mutual Dependence A teaching story about mutual dependence and the unknown effects of our actions.
Celebrating Seasonal Festivals An imaginative work that evidences a deep reverence for the mysteries of God, human nature, time, and nature.