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The Pollinators Laments and hopeful signs about the fate of honey bees and the food supply.
Mi America A harrowing portrait of the virulence of racial hatred in a small New York community.
Unstoppable Three cheers for two working-class heroes who put their lives on the line for people they don't even know.
All That Breathes A stunning documentary about compassionate caregivers to the kites in New Delhi.
Circle of Poison An expose on how big corporations are distributing toxic pesticides which were banned in the United States to countries around the world.
Queen of the Sun: What Are the Bees Telling Us? An inspiring documentary about what beekeepers are doing to save the bees in jeopardy.
Vanishing of the Bees A cogent documentary exploring the global disappearance of honeybees who play such a crucial role in our ecosystem.
Radium Girls True story of women who fought back when they learned they had been exposed to toxins on the job.
The Human Experiment A harrowing look at the irresponsibility of the chemical industry which is making many products that are unsafe to use.
To the Wonder A bold and ground-breaking film that is a mystical meditation on the many manifestations of the spiritual practices of yearning and love.