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A New Habit A campaign for a complaint-free world that mushroomed into an international phenomenon of being more positive.
Monks & Bandits A warning to be cautious about the images you imprint on your mind.
Pulling the Arrow Out Paying attention to your pain and suffering.
Lamentation of Endangered Species A cry for life from those with whom we share our planet.
Vacuum Cleaner Meditation A clearing exercise for opening to new ideas.
Birthday of Rachel Carson (PDP) A celebration of the life of the renowned aquatic biologist, author, and conservationist.
Anniversary of the Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant Accident (PDP) Recalling the worst civilian nuclear power plant accident in U.S. history.
Smudging to Purify A traditional step at the beginning of a Native American ceremony.
Blessing for Water A way to honor this essential cleansing element.
Internalizing the Positive Rick Hanson on remembering and savoring happy moments.