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Dean A touching dramedy about the different styles of grief.
Very Good Girls A difficult yet rewarding summer for a teenager getting ready to leave for college.
Jackie & Ryan A tender romantic drama about two music lovers who face steep and unruly challenges during hard times.
Neighbors A madcap comic extravaganza revolving around a feud between a suburban couple and the fraternity next door.
Driveways A cinematic masterwork on dealing with transitions.
Hill of Freedom A light-hearted and slightly humorous story of a young man experiencing a vexing and bewildering transition in his life.
Luzzu A gripping portrait of the choice between tradition and modernity facing a Maltese fisherman.
Marriage Story Portrait of an unsatisfying marriage and a messy and sad divorce.
Downton Abbey Sequel to the TV series in which the beloved characters face new challenges and discover new joys.
Queen of Hearts (Dronningen) A portrait of an angry married woman who makes some questionable choices.