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The Other Son An uplifting drama about two young men – a Jew and a Palestinian – that waters the seeds of empathy in our hearts.
Lord, Save Us from Your Followers A documentary by an Evangelical Christian on the futility and divisiveness of the culture wars.
Alex and Eve A dramedy about the challenges of accepting diversity and interfaith marriage.
A Bottle in the Gaza Sea Poignant drama about a teenage immigrant from France living in Israel and a Palestinian youth who try to break down the barriers that separate them.
A Towering Task: The Story of the Peace Corps An enlightening and inspiring 60-year history of the Peace Corps.
Notes on Blindness A richly revelatory documentary about a theologian seeking the meaning of his blindness.
Men, Women & Children A comedy of manners about youth and adults hooked on the Internet.
At Middleton A delightful romantic comedy about two middle-agers learning the hard lessons of letting go.
Bright Days Ahead A French dramedy about the love affair that brings pleasure to a married 64 year old woman and a 41 year-old computer teacher.