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The Little Book of Restorative Justice Howard Zehr's overview of restorative justice and its meanings.
No Death, No Fear Thich Nhah Hanh on the need for bodhisattvas because we are all connected.
To Love This Earthly Life Mindfulness as carpe diem (seizing the day).
Confronting Chronic Pain Advice on replacing feelings of helplessness due to chronic pain with positive spiritual feelings.
Tuesdays in Jail A memoir showing how we’re all imprisoned by something.
On Repentance and Repair Forgiveness that involves real repentance.
Presidents of War An insightful and often fascinating look at the power of the President of the United States.
Be Still and Get Going A sacred moment of great delicacy following a car accident.
Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway A practical self-help manual to help us cope and overcome our fears.
All Rise An explanation of the lineaments of a dignitarian society.