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Smilla's Sense of Snow Reveals zeal to be a virtue when it is put into practice as service of others.
Ed's Next Move A quirky love story carried along nicely by a witty script and totally natural characters.
It Could Happen to You An adult fairy tale that will make you feel giddy and glad to be alive.
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse A drama about complex matters of the heart and chivalry with Edward the vampire exemplifying a knight's bravery, courtesy, honor, and skill at arms.
Small Wonders An inspiring documentary about a dedicated, demanding, and enthusiastic music teacher.
The Emperor's Club An old-fashioned drama of substance about a teacher's slide down the slippery slope of dishonesty after an encounter with the rich and the powerful who have nothing but disdain for virtue.
Dragonheart A morality tale with an unsual team of heroes.
The Grass Harp Compels us to consider the bounties of nature an the spiritual virtues of freedom, love, and storytelling.
Mr. Holland's Opus An inspiring drama about a music teacher who over a 30-year period turns a job into a soul-satisfying vocation, thanks to his patience, passion, and kindness.
The Baby-Sitter's Club Salutes the virtues of friendship and affirms the values of honesty, cooperation, and trust.