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Strike A cinematic tribute to a genuine working-class hero whose courage and zeal for justice fueled the Solidarity Movement in Poland.
Moana The quest of a young Polynesian girl to become a way-maker for her people.
Paulo Coelho's Best Story A biopicture charting one man's painful and then rewarding mission to become a writer.
American Teacher A provocative documentary about why teachers deserve higher salaries so they can flourish in the classroom doing what they love to do best.
You Don't Mess With the Zohan Three cheers for a crazy wisdom hero who wants to make the world a kinder, gentler place!
For Here or To Go? A timely comedy about an Indian software engineer and his friends who are forced to live in immigration limbo.
All Creatures Great and Small - Season 1 Up-close and personal series about horses, cows, sheep, and eccentric human beings.
The Truffle Hunters An absolutely charming cinematic romp with elders and their dogs hunting for a rare delicacy.
The Rewrite A funny and charming portrait of a burnt-out, middle-aged screenplay writer.
Young James Herriot A three-part series from the BBC on the early years in the life of England's beloved vet.