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Find a Quiet Corner Nancy O'Hara on waiting, an aspect of hope, as an opportunity, a gift of time.
Tagore Rabindranath Tagore's poem "Have You Not Heard His Silent Steps?"
An Altar in the World Barbara Brown Taylor on waiting as a kind of prayer and grace.
Buddha Standard Time Lama Surya Dass with practical tips for living fully during delays and interruptions.
Swinging on the Garden Gate Elizabeth Andrew on waking gradually from a period of sleeping.
Living with the Devil How waiting challenges us to give up the idea of control.
Wind Bell Yvonne Rand on practicing the half-smile (in a book edited by Michael Wenger).
Lighted Windows A fresh approach to Advent.
Why We Buy Paco Underhill on the impact of waiting on the shopping experience.
Mirabai A version of one of the ecstatic poems of the fifteenth century poet and saint Mirabai.