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Thanking & Blessing - The Sacred Art Jay Marshall on how to walk cheerfully.
The Sound of Paper Julia Cameron on the physical exercise of walking spurring the imagination.
Finding Angels in Boulders Bruce G. Epperly and Lewis D. Solomon on experiencing God's blessings through a special gratitude walk.
Dwellings Linda Hogan on listening to nature while walking.
Toward the Livable City Emilie Buchwald on the pleasures derived from walking and being present in the city.
Sacred Compass J. Brent Bill on walking the prairie as a metaphor for moving through life watching for signs.
Being & Vibration Joseph Rael on experiencing the sacred energy and listening in a Native American village.
Surprises Around the Bend Richard A. Hasler on nurturing a walking program.
Hanging Out the Wash and Other Ways to Find More in Less Adair Lara's view on not letting the mind's many thoughts take us away from attention to the amazing world around us that can lift our spirits if we only give it a chance.
From Beginning to End Robert Fulghum on walking the dog as an act of sacred simplicity.